Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) conducts thorough and objective investigations of all crimes that occur in the City of Erie. CID is divided into five separate units: Major Crimes, Burglary & Property Crimes, Insurance Fraud, Sex Crimes and White-Collar Crimes.

The Major Crime Unit investigates crimes such as homicide, robberies and assaults. The Burglary Unit investigates burglaries and works in unison with the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive Unit (ATF). The Sex Crimes Unit investigates crimes of rape and other sexual misconduct.

The Insurance Fraud Unit,is comprised of a Detective Lieutenant.

The White-Collar Crime Unit handles other crimes, such as forgeries, counterfeit money, identity theft and fraud that occur in the City of Erie. They often assist the other units within the Criminal Investigative Division with their investigations.

For more information regarding the Criminal Investigation Division contact: 

Criminal Investigation Division
Deputy Chief Mike Nolan   Phone: (814) 870-1561